Collection: Blondelle

Blondelle instruments for refrigeration,

Blondelle manifolds with revolutionary valve technology: needle valve, without seal crushing.
Class 1 pressure gauges, ‘A Lame Acier’
Ø 60 or Ø 80
Dry, oil bath or Anti-pulsation (only Ø 80)
All combinations of fluids possible
With light and hook
Available with or without matching hoses
Supplied in Blondelle case with: 3 hoses: red, blue, yellow 1m 1/4’’SAE connection, optional ball valves. For R410A delivered with 3 R410A resistance hoses, Teflon seals, red and blue 1/4’’-5/16’’SAE flexible connectors. R410A combinations are delivered
with 1/4”-5/16”SAE adaptors.