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Over 50 million users worldwide. Praised by Greenpeace. No need for certificate of capacity, certificate of aptitude, traceability, to buy or handle DURACOOL® refrigerants because they are ecological and therefore non-polluting.

DURACOOL® refrigerants are the leading HydroCarbon refrigerants on the market today because they consistently deliver superior cooling quality and can boast of being safe and highly efficient. 

The refrigerant DURACOOL® 12a is the replacement of choice for R-12 and R134a, DURACOOL® 22a advantageously replaces R-22,  DURACOOL® 502a replaces R502.
They are compatible with mineral and synthetic oils (ester and PAG).
They are non-toxic, non-corrosive, safe for users and extend the life of air conditioning and refrigeration systems thanks to their anti-friction additive.
They require respectively only 35, 44 and 44% of the weight of the original load. 
DURACOOL® recommends a liquid phase filler to avoid an imbalance between its different components of different density, to lubricate, and also to inject UV tracer. (oil and tracer included in the coolant). 


Performance and security

Patented hydrocarbon anti-friction that improves performance and safety, included in every liquid phase charge.
Ultra-Violet tracer leak detector, of guaranteed quality, included in each charge in liquid phase.
In the presence of air, the following fluids can form, under certain temperature and pressure conditions, a flammable mixture. Self-ignition temperature: 405°C for Hfo 1234yf (car), Duracool 22a and 502a: 472°C, R22: 632°C, R32 (New with Daikin): 648°C, R134a: 743°C, Duracool 12a (substituting R134a/cars in particular): 891°C.
Absolutely non-toxic and non-corrosive, 100% natural organic product.