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Compatibility of our refrigerant gases with R134a, R32, R404A...

All our refrigerant gases are perfectly compatible with traditional refrigerants. Our products must be tested for a significant period in the laboratory and with our user partners before being marketed on a large scale. To date 100% of our customers are very satisfied.


You offer several different products and brands, how do I find my way around?

Whether brand ULTRACOOL, ECOFREEZE, DURACOOL, etc..., all our refrigerants have more or less the same technical and chemical characteristics. They are all ecological and do not require an ADC certificate (see conditions below). We strive to guarantee maximum choice and preferential rates to our customers by offering a multitude of refrigerants.


What does the non-contractual photo shown on certain products mean?

When this mention appears on the description, it means that depending on the available stock, the refrigerant shipped will correspond to that displayed or to an equivalent with the same technical and refrigeration characteristics. Our team of air conditioning experts test all refrigerants before offering them to our customers. In other words, the refrigerants sold in our space are 100% guaranteed and compatible. We are at your disposal for any request for additional or technical information via our form.






Automotive air conditioning 

I need to recharge my vehicle, which refrigerant should I choose?

Vehicles up to around 1995 models, R12 compatible fluids

   ECO134     GASICA D2   Ultracool 12a    AC ON GO 

Vehicles after 1995 to January 2017, R134a compatible fluids

  ECO134     GASICA D2    Ultracool 12a    AC ON GO 

Vehicles after January 2017, R1234yf compatible fluids

  1234yf  ECO134    Ultracool 12a    AC ON GO 

The 4 fluids offered are R1234yf compatible, however we advise our customers to favor our 1234yf Ultracool because it offers optimal performance and is close to traditional R1234yf.


My circuit is half empty, is it possible to add your additional fluid?

Yes perfectly.
By choosing one of the refrigerants listed above, we guarantee perfect compatibility with your original R12, R134a or R1234yf refrigerant contained in your circuit. 


Recommended quantities and refrigerants

Completely empty circuit, choose one of the products below

2 cans of ECO134
1 cans  ECO134 750ml
1 can of GASICA D2
2 cans Ultracool 12a
1 can of AC ON GO 
1 can of ULTRACOOL 1234yf in the case of a refill with R1234yf.


Circuit partially empty

1 can ofECO134
1/2 can of GASICA D2
1 can Ultracool 12a
 1 can AC ON GO 
1 can of ULTRACOOL 1234yf  in the case of a refill with R1234yf.



How can I limit leaks from my circuit and refills?

The engine of a vehicle is subjected to more or less important vibrations according to its age and the model. Consequently, the air conditioning circuit also undergoes these vibrations causing losses of refrigerant fluid which are generally located at the level of the connections and other refrigeration connections. Automakers are working to reduce these losses as technology advances. In order to limit these refrigerant leaks, we offer in our catalog a COLMATOR  which will greatly decrease your car's sealing problems. This product is to be injected preferably into an empty circuit and before gas refilling.



Should I add oil to the circuit when recharging?

Our refrigerants all contain enough oil to provide the necessary lubrication for your compressor. However, we strongly advise you to check your oil level after recharging and before switching on your air conditioning circuit. We cannot be held liable in the event of compressor breakage due to poor lubrication.




The law strictly regulates the use of greenhouse gases in accordance with the various protocols. (CFCs) chlorofluorocarbons and (HCFCs) hydrochlorofluorocarbons are powerful greenhouse gases that harm the ozone layer, their phase-out completed (CFCs) or in progress (HCFCs) has resulted in a reduction of 11 billion tonnes of CO² equivalent global emissions, contributing to the fight against climate change. Since then, anyone working on a circuit containing high-GWP refrigerant must hold a certificate of capacity classified by category of intervention. Among the measures taken, the technician must also label the quantities of refrigerant injected or extracted from the circuits on which he works and register them in a register.


What is GWP?

The acronym GWP (Global Warming Potential) or PRG (global warming potential) indicates the power of destruction of the ozone layer of a gas emitted into the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases increase global warming. The lower the number, the less its nuisance power. A GWP of 1 is currently the lowest index.


Which values of GWP 

R134A = 1430

R32     =   675

R410A = 2088

R407C = 1774



What is the GWP of the fluids you sell?

All of our ecological fluids have a GWP = 3, i.e. almost zero.


My circuit is completely empty of CFCs, HFCs or HCFCs, am I entitled to recharge it with ecological fluids sold by TOOLFROID without having a certificate of capacity?



My equipment contains a low or medium quantity of R134a, R410A, etc... (CFC, HFC, HCFC), do I have the right to intervene on the circuit without a certificate of capacity? 

NO, this is strictly prohibited.



Commercial refrigeration, comfort air conditioning...



I am working on a circuit operating with R134a, is it possible to recharge with compatible fluids?

Yes, no worries, our refrigerants are perfectly R134a compatible.