Complete fluids FAQ

How to recharge with our refrigerant gases? 

Section dedicated to frequently asked questions by Toolfroid customers when purchasing or using R134a, R404a, R32, R22 refrigerant gases. Refrigerants R134a, R32, R404a, etc. are ecological and contribute to the preservation of the ozone layer. Thanks to an extremely low GWP compared to traditional R134a, R22, R404a, R32, R407c gases, the refrigerant gases sold by Toolfroid represent a real advantage for its user. 



Why are the refrigerant gases supplied by Toolfroid beneficial?

The refrigerant gases marketed in the space considerably lighten the administrative management linked to the use of greenhouse gases such as R134a, R32, R404A, etc. The low GWP of our ecological refrigerants makes it easier for you to use them. Thicker than traditional refrigerant gases, our refrigerants will allow you to benefit from significant savings. 




Compatibility of our refrigerant gases with R134a, R32, R404A...

All our refrigerant gases are perfectly compatible with traditional refrigerants. Our products must be tested for a significant period in the laboratory and with our user partners before being marketed on a large scale. To date, 100% of our customers are very satisfied with our refrigerant gases.