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White ALU air conditioner cover - size XL

White ALU air conditioner cover - size XL

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Do you want to hide your air conditioner in an aesthetic and more modern way?

A white aluminum air conditioning cover is the answer for you.
With a contemporary style, made in France, our air conditioner and heat pump covers will offer a better appearance and more originality.


White ALU air conditioner cover - size XL

Technical details:

  • Internal dimension - mm: H 1100 x L 1250 x P (650-800)
  • External dimension - mm: H 1110 x L 1300 x P (650-800)

Using an air conditioner is good, it allows you to keep an ambient temperature at home.
The height is the noise and its design which is not often adapted to our surroundings.
With a white aluminum air conditioning cover, all that is solved with a single solution.

Indeed, by offering a modern and elegant look, our air conditioning cover allows you to hide your appliance and thus keep your outdoor decor as you have always wanted.
To keep a pleasant life for you and those around you, the air conditioner cover has its role to play. By completely covering your device, the air conditioner cover reduces the intensity of the engine noise of your devices. Thus limiting the noise nuisance that disturbs your neighbors.

Best protection system for your air conditioner, the air conditioning cover offers protection against bad weather and acts of vandalism that will allow you to keep your device for a long time.
It also helps protect your device against children, pets, clumsiness and many other accidents.

Easy to install, even a novice can get started in three steps.

Then choose your air conditioner cover from among the different proposals at Toolfroid to have one of the best quality.

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