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Wooden air conditioner cover - size L

Wooden air conditioner cover - size L

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For a more aesthetic and harmonious design, give your air conditioner a cover made of Eucalyptus wood from South America.

Neutral in color, you have the choice of keeping an exotic style or painting it according to your tastes to keep in harmony with your exterior decoration.



Wooden air conditioner cover - size L

Technical details :

  • Internal dimension - mm: H 950 x W 1000 x D 510
  • External dimension - mm: H 975 x W 1050 x D 535
  • Materials : South American eucalyptus - Wood Cat.4
  • Color : natural

To improve the exterior, our air conditioner cover offers you a solution for a more discreet design in a more aesthetic way.
In Eucalyptus wood from South America, it offers a neutral appearance that can be painted according to your choice.
Rot-proof, this air conditioner cover is resistant to all weather conditions and vandalism.

Easy to assemble, this wooden air conditioning cover is quick to install, but also easily removable for any maintenance or repair.

Adapted to comply with neighborhood rules, our air conditioner cover reduces engine noise.

Available in different sizes, this air conditioning cover is suitable for all air conditioning units and heat pumps while providing ideal ventilation for each unit.

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