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DURACOOL 12a refrigerant

DURACOOL 12a refrigerant

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  • Duracool 12a 
  • Not fluorinated
  • Replaces R12 and R134A
  • Compatible with mineral, synthetic, PAG and Ester oils
  • Sold in cylinder of 170 gr equivalent to 484 gr of R 134A or 513 gr of R12
  • Non contractual photo (can be replaced by an equivalent)



refill kit for automotive air conditioning DURACOOL

Recharge your car air conditioning in 5 minutes
With our Duracool Refill Kit, recharge your vehicle yourself in 5 minutes. Sold with a hose + a Duracool 12a can, this very easy to use DURACOOL kit will save you a lot of money. The can is the equivalent of a refill for a vehicle. Once you have this air conditioning refill kit, you will only buy the refills for the following times. Ask for your guide auto air conditioning charging by clicking Here. Refill kit for your car air conditioning sold with a 170g bottle and a complete hose. This DURACOOL car air conditioning refill kit is practical for working on your air conditioning circuit. r134a car air conditioning refill kit compatible with all car air conditioning circuits. Charging with the  DURACOOL r134a auto air conditioning refill kit is simple and practical. Kit refill car air conditioning r134a DURACOOL replaces R134a refrigerant


DURACOOL 12a refrigerant for recharging your car air conditioning in 5 minutes.

DURACOOL automotive air conditioning refill kit compatible with R12 and R134A. For recharging your air conditioning and refrigeration circuits. Air conditioning gas compatible with automotive air conditioning. Ecological product.

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