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R1234yf refrigerant

R1234yf refrigerant

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R1234yf refrigerant  

  • R1234yf
  • Not fluorinated
  • Replaces R1234yf
  • Sold in cylinder of 227 gr equivalent to 454gr de 1234yf





The refrigerant ULTRACOOL 1234yf is an environmentally friendly refrigerant and substitute for R1234yf. Widely used in USA and Canada for several years, this refrigerant meets all the thermodynamic requirements necessary for the proper functioning of air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

The 1234yf refrigerant from Ultracool is an environmentally friendly and non-polluting product. A real alternative to the traditional R1234yf at an unbeatable price and available in our shop.

This refrigerant is 100% guaranteed and compatible on all vehicles running on 1234yf gas.

227 gr ULTRACOOL refrigerant is equivalent to 454 gr of 1234yf.


Vehicle compatibility

This coolant is suitable for all vehicles after January 2017. For older models. Please note that in the event of compressor failure due to poor lubrication, we cannot be held liable. We urge you to check your oil level in any case.





Frequently asked questions from our customers



Why does my circuit lose gas every time? 

With age, vibrations often cause joints to leak. This is the main cause of loss of refrigerants but other anomalies can occur on the circuit causing a technical failure such as acidity in the oil, poor cooling at the condenser level, a problem with the compressor valves, electronic problem, regulation, etc.


  • Your YF refrigerant gases are they the same as R1234Yf gas? Yes 
  • My car already contains R1234Yf, is it possible to add one of your YF refrigerant gases in addition ? Yes, no worries.
  • How many cans do I need to charge my vehicle? In principle, a can should suffice.
  • Is a vacuum draw required? No, a vacuum is necessary when air has entered the circuit.
  • Do I need to add oil when refilling? Not necessarily, our can contains a small amount (checking is advised, however).
  • I added the refrigerant but I still can't reach the right pressures: several possibilities, please contact us. 
  • How do I know when my circuit is fully charged? It's very easy, our hose has load and color indicators.
  • I recharged but my circuit does not work correctly: Several possible anomalies, do not hesitate to contact our technical support.
  • I recharged my circuit but the pressure is still at 0: Major leak in the circuit most likely but to be checked...
  • In the event that I inject too much gas by mistake, is my circuit protected? Yes by HP security but to be avoided (degradation of the oil).
  • Is it mandatory to put on a leak stopper before recharging? It is advisable to add a sealer but not mandatory.
  • Which fitting should I connect the hose to: Low pressure side, on the larger hose.
  • Is your hose compatible on all vehicles? Yes for all vehicles with R1234YF except in very special cases.
  • How to refill with the hose? It's very simple, the filling is done by a tap, contact us if you need our technical help.
  • What's the difference between your different YF refrigerant gases ? None, the products have +or- the same characteristics, only the quantities can change.


  • I already have another similar gas in my circuit, is it possible to add a of your YF refrigerant gases ? In this case, we recommend that you empty the circuit completely and recharge it with one of our compatible refrigerants.


  • Can I remove the R1234YF and inject one of your YF refrigerant gases? Yes, provided you are authorized (ADC) and respect the recovery procedures, etc...
  • Your YF refrigerant gases are they dangerous to my health? Like any chemical product, it must be handled with care.



For any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us, 

our refrigeration technicians will answer you with pleasure.


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