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Auto air conditioning fittings r1234yf

Auto air conditioning fittings r1234yf

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R 1234yf car air conditioning fittings

  • Quick connection to the vehicle
  • Complies with standard (SAE J639)
  • Automatic clipping aid system
  • Sold in pairs

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R1234yf fittings for automotive air conditioning.

Pair of red and blue couplers for R1234yf air conditioning gas.


Use of R1234yf couplers

These red and blue R1234yf connectors with quick connection by clip are perfectly compatible on all vehicles containing R1234yf refrigerant. They comply with the standard (SAE J639) and will guarantee you a refill without risk of loss of refrigerant during your filling, recovery or other interventions on the air conditioning of vehicles.


Quality and compatibility of our R1234yf fittings

Our R1234yf automotive air conditioning fittings are sold in red and blue pairs for the BP and HP part. The 1234yf couplers sold in our shop are reusable and thanks to their metal body will guarantee you perfect quality.



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