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Station VRR24L-OS

Station VRR24L-OS

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Recovery station for all refrigerants VRRL24L-OS 
  • Power and Toughness
  • oil separator
  • Compatible CFC, HFC et HCFC.  
  • Essential for the certificate of capacity.
  • Recovery of all refrigerants (category III, IV, V).


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VRRL24L-OS Refrigerant Recovery Station 

  • Maintenance-free dry compressor 
  • Tension / Alimentation 230 V - 50 Hz (1450 g / m)
  • Power / Power 1 HP
  • Automatic shutdown with pressure above 38.5 bar
  • Automatic shut-off pressure above 38.5 bar
  • Weight Kg 14.7
  • Dimensions 450x250x355 mm
  • Throughput / recovery rate
  • Steam up to Kg. 30 h / Steam speed up to 30 kg / h
  • Liquid up to Kg. 210 h / Liquid rate up to 210 kg / h
  • Push-pull up to Kg. 570 h / Push-pull up to 570 kg / h

Refrigerant recovery station VRR24L-0S compacte compatible with all refrigerants. To obtain the ADC certificate and the recovery of all refrigerants (category III, IV, V). The model recovery station VRR24L-0S is equipped with an oil separator, an oil bath pressure gauge. Also has an automatic purge system. The net weight of this transfer group is 13.5 kg. For the recovery of your refrigerants, this scompact refrigerant recovery station VRR24L-0S, features higher recovery rate.
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